MediTubs - Ships from the factory direct to you!
MediTubs - Ships from the factory direct to you!
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Meditubs - Factory Direct Savings

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Purchasing a Meditub that ships from the factory straight to you will save you money. Many walkin tub companies that advertise an all in 1 installation package charge an extremely high price. We hear from customers a hard selling sales person will quote upwards of $21,000 for a bathroom remodel with a walk in bathtub. Buying a Meditub that will ship from the factory straight to you saves money.

A plumber or bathroom remodeling contractor can install a Meditub based on their experience of installing bathtubs. Many of these tubs come with a tile flange and will fit into the same location that an existing bathtub was. is a factory dealer of Meditubs. To save you money, we save costs on handling by having the walk-in bathtubs ship right to your door from the factory. 

If you have any questions about installing a walk in bathtub, or need assistance choosing the right meditub for you please give us a call. (855) 633-4882 or email us through the contact page.